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Desmata, Inc. is far beyond your normal IT company.  We are a boldly developing technology services firm that seeks to provide growing businesses with all their conceivable IT needs.  Our headquarters is in the vibrant tech hub of Plano, Texas, and we have additional presence in North Carolina as well as the Indian city of Hyderabad.  With over 200 employees primed and ready at your service, we are prepared to meet every single demand you might place upon us, at whatever time and in whatever circumstances you require.

Desmata Inc. is your trusted partner in the world of cutting edge technology.  We are dedicated to shaping the future of digital business through our class-leading commitment to service, our devotion to continuous education, and our unwavering commitment to excellence.


What We Offer

Web Based Solution

Quality web-based service is assured

Web/Mobile App Development

Providing services for developing both web applications and mobile applications.

Enterprise Solution

We enhance your enterprise with substantial enterprise solutions as per requirements.

Dedicated Services

Designing, Developing and Implementing according to your specific and dedicated requirements.

Cloud Computing Solutions

With cloud computing solutions, we help you to access, store, network, and develop according to your requirements, and then keep it in the cloud with you having access at all times.

Cyber Security

Providing and guiding you with the utmost cyber security to protect you from any kind of cyber threat.
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