Business Inteligence

Our powerful use of data and analytics allows us to provide you with informed guides to making decisions.  Business Intelligence (BI), one of our premiere services, is the process by which we transform raw data into valuable information, actionable information you can use to grow and protect your business now and into the future.

Our Approach:

Data Mastery: Data is the foundation of informed decision-making, so at Desmata, Inc. we pride ourselves on it.  Our BI experts specialize in collecting, processing, and analyzing a wide variety of data sources to extract the most vital insights.

Customized Solutions: We know every business has unique needs, and so will need unique Business Intelligence to meet what they require.  We will tailor our support for you to your specific goals, industry, personnel, and desired client base, in order to ensure that you receive a customized suite of data tailored to what you require most.

Scalable and User-Friendly: Our BI systems can grow with your business; as you become more successful, we know your demands will change, so the services we provide you will change also.  Additionally, we make our information accessible at all relevant levels of your company, and easy to use by everyone who needs to know.

Our Services:

Data Analytics: We leverage advanced analytics techniques to tie the points of your data together; we will identify patterns that you will not see, which will allow your business to grow and adapt to changing conditions.

Data Visualization: We will make the data we collect from your business easy for you and your associates to digest.  We can rapidly generate charts, graphs, tables, and easily readable packets of information that can improve your decision-making.  We want to help you put this data to use.

Reporting: We will report to you, frequently, about the data we are seeing, and the likely conclusions to be drawn from that data.  You can count on us to be diligent, and leave nothing out of our communications with you.  These will allow you to track your company’s progress towards its goals, and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

Predictive Analytics: We will use predictive modeling and the latest in computational advances to help you forecast where trends are headed.  These preemptive pieces of information allow you to stay one step ahead of the market and make wise decisions about where things are scheduled to go.

Data Integration: We pull data together from all the sources you provide to us: databases, quarterly reports, information from cloud platforms, and more.  All of it comes together, so no piece of data is left out of our analyses and our recommendations.

BI Consulting: We of course also provide consulting, to help you make the best use of our own services.  We are grateful for your business, and we wish to maximize your use of us; so we will show you how to work the controls of the services we offer, to better improve the value you gain from Desmata, Inc..