Web/Mobile App Development

At Desmata, Inc., we speak digital realities into being, and we conjure new worlds on the world wide web.  We will propel your business into the future using our expertise in web-based and mobile-based solutions.  Our intention is to harness the full power of modern technology, in order to bring your digital vision to life.

Our Approach:

User-Centric Design: We believe apps should engage and delight users, in addition to functioning flawlessly.  This is what we promote and provide.  We will always put the user, the customer, first, and we are always seeking out new ways to make apps that are intuitive, appealing, and tailored to the needs of your particular audience.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our development team operates at the highest standards and the most current edges of technological development.  We employ the latest of everything—tools, programming languages, frameworks—to ensure that your app is able to operate at the highest levels for the greatest amount of people.

Custom Solutions: We are well aware that one size does not fit all, especially in modern business.  Every business is unique, and you can trust us to engage in a unique approach to your business and your customer base.  We will build you an app that is tailored specifically for your specific goals.

Our Services:

Mobile App Development: On iOS, Android, and everything in between, we craft mobile apps that provide a flawless and superlative user experience.  Whether you need a consumer-facing app or an enterprise solution, you can count on us to deliver.

Web App Development: Our website and web-based applications are built to excel.  We will create dynamic and interactive web apps that will function perfectly and look beautifully, and they will result in an engaging experience for all of your users.

Cross-Platform Development: We don’t want you to jump through too many hoops, or pay too much money, for the same app experience on multiple platforms.  Therefore, we take pains to ensure that your app can run on multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): We are more than capable of creating Progressive Web Apps, which combine the best of web and mobile apps into a single unit of technology.  They are fast, reliable, and for computer users they provide an app-like experience directly from a web browser, for ease of use and seamlessness of utility.

App Maintenance and Support: We promise to follow through for you across the entire lifespan of your app.  We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that everything we have built for you remains up to date, secure, and fully functional.